Finding Holy with Ashley Hales


Ashley Hales holds a PhD in English from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s a writer, speaker, and hosts The Finding Holy Podcast. Ashley’s married to a church planter in the southern California suburbs and the mother to 4. Her writing has been featured in such places as The Gospel Coalition, Books & Culture, and Christianity Today. Her first book is Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much (IVP). Connect with Ashley at or on Instagram and Twitter at @aahales.

Finding Holy in the Suburbs is about her experience moving from an urban context back home to a suburban one, and trying to find the same sense of vibrancy, beauty, and, well, holiness in the ordinary spaces she found herself in. We’ll talk about the contrasts of cities and suburbs, about her multi-layered sense of vocation, and about the power of place. It’s a great conversation, so stay with me.  

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