This Isn't New Testament Christianity


Russ Moore felt God’s call to ministry at the age of 12, but by the time he was 15, he faced a crisis of faith. As he studied the spiritual landscape around him, taking the measure of how church leaders performed, he concluded that “this isn’t New Testament Christianity.”

Rather than walk away from the faith, as many young people do, Moore decided to “go into ministry and show up as myself and see what happens.” Despite his commitment to the church, Moore always seemed to end up in politics and spent time in Washington working for a Democratic Congressman from his home state of Mississippi.

Russ Moore’s career straddles the line between faith and politics and faith and culture, and in his role as President of the ERLC, he is often called upon to speak to both Christians and the world at large about the implications of everything from the Trump phenomenon to the corrosive effects of technology on families.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to sit with Russ and draw warmth from the glow of his optimism about the church, despite a rising tide of secularism and apathy in the general culture.

Cultivated is a production of Harbor Media and Narrativo Group. This episode was produced by Mike Cosper, recorded by Eddie Morris, Edited and Mixed by Mark Owens. Music for this episode is from Dan Phelps, with our theme song by Roman Candle.

Mike CosperRuss Moore, ERLC