Push Hard on the Plow with an Open Hand


Sebastian Traeger is the executive vice president of the International Mission Board (IMB), an organization devoted to equipping missionaries for global evangelizing. But that’s not what he set out to do. Not exactly. On today’s episode of Cultivated, you’ll see how Sebastian has worked through the question of faith and work and how Christians should devote the 9-5 portion of their days.

Sebastian grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until his freshman year at Princeton that his faith took root, and over the next three years, he actively discipled other students. You’d think the next chapter of Sebastian’s life would involve a seminary, but a deep entrepreneurial sensibility set Sebastian on a course that has included many start-ups that he has scaled and exited. All the while, he remained deeply committed to God and his local church.  

After the sale of one of his companies, he spent a few months studying this question of how he should honor God with his work. This study resulted in his book The Gospel at Work and introduced him to David Platt, who was soon to become president of the IMB.

If you’ve ever puzzled over your career and whether or how it fits into your faith, you’ll enjoy this conversation with Sebastian Traeger.  

Cultivated is a production of Harbor Media and Narrativo Group. This episode was produced and mixed by Mike Cosper and edited by Quinnette Connor. Special thanks to Lukas Naugle for making this interview happen. Our music is by Roman Candle, with additional music by Dan Phelps.