My Faith Was All I Had- Justin Forsett


If you love football, you probably know the name of Justin Forsett; especially if you’re a fan of the Colts, Seahawks, Texans, Jaguars, Ravens, Lions and the Broncos—teams he played for during the course of his 9-year NFL career. If Justin’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you should listen to his story, which is marked by perseverance and faith.

Justin grew up in tiny Mulberry, Florida, the middle son of a pastor. His family was always one step ahead of the repo man and often had to do without power and water, due to financial hardship.  Early on, Justin saw that he was gifted in sports, especially football, and while his friends partied and did the normal things teenagers did, he devoted his spare time to training and studying the careers of athletes who had to overcome one hardship or another.

At the age of thirteen, Justin allowed God into his heart, a decision that gave him the strength to navigate a football career where he was always valued as too small, too slow, to whatever. At each phase of his career as an athlete, Justin found other Christians with whom he could form accountability relationships and encourage one another, even when other teammates taunted him for his size. When asked how his faith got him through such unrelenting pressure and opposition, Justin casually explained that “My faith was all I had."

To make it to the NFL carries similar odds as getting struck by lightning, and to have stuck in for nine seasons is a testament to Justin’s grit and work ethic. These days, he applies this same determination to his entrepreneurial efforts, where his goals include helping others. Get to know Justin Forsett, you’ll be inspired by his story.

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