"Why Didn't You Come Sooner?"


On this episode, you’ll meet Christine Caine, founder of A21, whose mission is to end slavery around the world. Caine is a force of nature, and you’ll hear her story and how the circumstances of her life have cast her as the ideal candidate for victims of human trafficking.

Much of Caine’s urgency can be traced to a question posed by a young woman, just rescued from a trafficker. After Caine told her of God’s love, the woman stopped her and asked, “If this is true, then why didn’t you come sooner?” Human trafficking is the second-fastest growing crime on the planet, which is why Caine says, “there’s never been a greater time to be light in the midst of darkness or salt in the midst of a very flavorless world.”

Cultivated is a production of Harbor Media and Narrativo Group. This episode was produced by Mike Cosper, recorded and edited by TJ Hester, and mixed by Mark Owens. Music by Dan Phelps and Roman Candle, with theme music by Roman Candle.