A show featuring thinkers, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists — each telling their story and describing their sense of calling, talking about how they work, and what they hope their work accomplishes. 


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About The HOST


Mike Cosper is a writer, speaker, and podcaster. In 2016, he founded Harbor Media, a media company serving Christians in a post-Christian world. He’s the host of Cultivated: A Podcast about Faith and Work, and is developing The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, a podcast about faith and culture. 

He's the author of Rhythms of Grace,  and The Stories We TellRecapturing the Wonder: Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World, Faith Among the Faithless and the co-author of Faithmapping

Prior to launching Harbor Media, Mike served as one of the founding pastors at Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and launched Sojourn Music — a collective of musicians writing songs for the church. 

He lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, Sarah, and their daughters Dorothy and Maggie.




Harbor Media exists to help Christians navigate a post-Christian world. Much has changed in our culture in the last decade, and Christians everywhere find themselves under increasing pressure to either conform or disappear from public. How are we to respond to these pressures? What does a life of faithful presence look like in a hostile world? At Harbor, we want to wrestle with these questions, and we want to suggest a way forward.